SCAME Forni Industriali Spa strengthens its presence in Mexico

January 2020 – SCAME Forni Industriali, a company active the early 80’s in manufacturing industrial equipment for the innovative heat treatment of mild and stainless steel, noble and precious metals, inaugurates the new year with the installation of the fourth industrial furnace in Mexico, strengthening the business relationship with one of the biggest manufacturers and suppliers of automotive components in the world.

The modern equipment, a continuous conveyor belt furnace Inox Line for the for solution annealing and brazing with nickel or copper of stainless steel parts with flat or «hump-back« operation, fully meets essential factors such as technology and innovation, achieved by SCAME Forni Industriali over the past 30 years of activity  fully grown in the field of innovative heat treatments.

Characteristics of the Inox Line furnace:

  • Continuous conveyor belt furnace with metal muffle for containment of hydrogen controlled atmosphere;

  • Hourly production100 kg/h;

  • Operating speed up to 300 mm;

Advantage of the Inox Line furnace:

  • Possibility to work in 100% hydrogen in the heating zone in total safety for the environment around;

  • Possibility to continuously control the dew point;

  • Very quick adjustement for production start;

  • investment in terms of time production.

Please visit the Inox Line section on the official website SCAME Forni Industriali for a more complete overview of the equipment, with the possibility to visualize the technical data sheet and a short video demonstration.