SCAME Oil Hardening Line and Salt Hardening Line

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In the field of heat treatments such as quenching and tempering, carburizing and carbonitriding Scame Forni Industriali S.p.A. has developed a variety of equipments, providing more than 50 production lines in the last few years.

The experience acquired in numerous fields of application where our equipments are used and the ability of Scame forni industriali S.p.A. to adapt the «heat treatment» technology to the application and needs of the customers, nowadays lead to provide two types of specific production lines for vegetal or mineral oil quenching and tempering, and salt bath quenching and tempering.

The OHL lines the vegetal or mineral oil quenching and tempering heat treatment of carbon steel components, with protective atmosphere made of or nitrogen-methanol with enrichment of propane and and ammonia; they can be equipped with tipping loaders and drum washing machines or washing pieces conveyor belt and Carbon potential control.

The SHL are specifically engineered for martempering quanching treatment of mild steel components, with salts tank equipped with a ventilator to thermoadjust the salt temperature, optional washing with drum washing machine or with water tanks with salt retrieval, protective atmosphere made of endogas or nitrogen-methanol with propane and ammonia enrichment.