A new innovative customer service: ScameAssist

SCAME Forni Industriali Spa in line with its aim of providing state-of-the-art solutions, faces the challenge of the customer and after-sales services, in order to reach the maximum technological level – in this field too – through a continuous process of innovation and research.

The optional package ScameService adds the guarantee of a prompt, high-quality and efficient customer service –  anywhere in the world – to each line of the portfolio by SCAME Forni Industriali SpA, while maintaining a high know-how level that marks our team of experts, but without the need for their presence on-site.

SCAME Forni Industriali SpA technicians can give solutions, assistance and support for any problems arising during the use, maintenance and management of our production lines, through two revolutionary tools – ScameBot and ScameAssist – both integrating part of the package ScameService, the first one engineered for the Diagnostics and the latter for the Operativity.


ScameAssist is a wearable compact device, equipped with a micro high-resolution display, headphones, microphone and a camera. It’s got the same potentialities and functionalities of an Android device, and once connected to a Wi-Fi network, it can connect SCAME Forni Industriali SpA technician with the customer’s operator at the equipment to be maintained.

The customer’s technician therefore can be guided in the specific operations to be carried out to restore damages or in the proper settings of the equipment, following SCAME Forni Industriali SpA technicians indications, who can see all the actions done by the operator.

SCAME Forni Industriali SpA technician, through the micro display can also send diagrams and graphic instructions to execute various tasks.