Alu Line

Up to 200 kg/h

Continuous conveyor belt furnaces with metal muffle for containment of nitrogen controlled atmosphere for brazing of aluminium/aluminium.

Nowadays the application fields of our equipment are developed into several plant design sectors, but Scame peculiarity is the ability to adapt the brazing and solution annealing technology to the necessary application.

In the brazing of parts completely in aluminium, Scame Forni Industriali Spa manufactures equipments with either flat or hump-back configuration, equipped with supervision and control system in compliance with Industry 4.0 and PPM Oxigen controller to obtain the best condition of atmosphere control.

Our company is structured with state-of-the-art IT systems, with bar code automatic warehouse, R&D department and good traceability especially regarding the spare parts.

The sales department is divided into Italy and Export with a wide network of signalers and representatives around the world; we are present in the internet with our official website and in many websites around the world in the Country's own language.

For brazing of aluminium/aluminium parts up to 100% nitrogen atmosphere, we manufacture various models as follows:

  • Continuous furnaces with flat operation with entry dimensions from 200 x 100 mm up to maximum passage 800 x 350 mm.

  • Continuous «hump-back» furnaces with entry dimensions from 200 x 100 mm up to maximum passage 800 x 350 mm.

The choice of the furnace depends on the needed hourly production and on the weight-volume ratio of the parts to be treated.