Carbo Line

Heat treatment lines for quenching and tempering, carburizing and carbonitriding with oil or salt (austempering) cooling with tempering furnace, loaders and specific washing machines for molded metal parts and more, customizable according to the client needs.


Nowadays the application fields of our equipment are developed into several plant design sectors, but Scame forni industriali S.p.A.'s peculiarity is the ability to adapt the «heat treatment» technology to the application and needs of the customers.


In the last years we developed several equipment for quenching and tempering, carburizing and carbonitriding heat treatments and supplied over 50 production lines.


Our company is structured with state-of-the-art IT systems, with bar code automatic warehouse, R&D department and good traceability especially regarding the spare parts.


For the generation of controlled atmosphere we manufacture:


  • endothermic generators produced by us;

  • nitrogen-methanol distribution control units with forced ventilation inside the operation chamber;

  • gas fluids distribution boards produced by us necessary for the treatment, with flow meters and possibility to add methane and ammonia for carburizing and carbonitriding and Carbon potential control


For these heat treatments we have several equipment such as:


  • complete quenching and tempering lines for quenching, carburizing and carbonitriding with or without loaders and washing machines for oil quenching up to 600 Kg/h with self-recovering radiant tubes combustion heating and electric radiant tubes heating;

  • complete austempering lines with metallic muffle for containment of the controlled atmosphere with salt quenching with bucket elevator or drums carousel up to 300 Kg/h production;

  • tempering furnaces with electric or combustion heating with bluing or air quenching;

  • loaders with elevators and loading cells for distribution of the parts on the belt;

  • two or three steps drum/belt washing machines with washing, rinsing and drying or centrifuge and washing automatic lines with spinning drums.


The choice of the furnace depends on the needed hourly production and on the weight-volume ratio of the parts to be treated.