Up to 500-600 kg/h

Continuous conveyor belt furnaces with metal muffle for containment of hydrogen controlled atmosphere for annealing and solution annealing, after wiredrawing, of welded or extruded stainless steel tubes with flat operation up to 30 cm rods with or without loading and unloading roller units.


Nowadays the application fields of our equipment are developed into several plant design sectors, but Scame peculiarity is the ability to adapt the solution annealing technology to the necessary application and especially the need for annealed stainless steel tubes, which increases day by day.


For this reason our firm has been developing innovative continuous equipment for the solution annealing of AISI 300 stainless steel tubes, in bars or coils.


We innovated the technology of furnace manufacturing to anneal tubes up to 30mt and drastically reduced the costs of solution annealing by studying and developing furnaces both for the annealing of fitted-cut parts for hydroforming and for the annealing of rods from 4 to 30mt long.


Thanks to our know-how in the stainless steel heat treatment industry, we equipped our furnaces with the possibility to operate in 100% hydrogen in the heating zone safely for the surrounding environment, to continuously control the dew-point and to quickly make the furnace operative, compared to the traditional method, thanks to our continuous research in this sector.


Our company is structured with state-of-the-art IT systems, with bar code automatic warehouse, R&D department and good traceability especially regarding the spare parts.


The sales department is divided into Italy and Export with a wide network of signalers and representatives around the world; we are present in the internet with our official website and in many websites around the world in the Country's own language.


For the solution annealing of stainless steel tubes in nitrogen-hydrogen and/or pure hydrogen controlled atmosphere, we manufacture various models as follows:


  • continuous furnaces with flat operation with minimum passage 300 x 50mm up to maximum passage 700 x 100mm with operating speed up to 500mm/min and hourly production up to 500-600 kg/h of rod tubes up to 76mm diameter;

  • continuous «hump-back» furnaces with minimum passage 200 x 100mm up to maximum passage 700 x 200mm with operating speed up to 800mm/min and hourly production up to 600 kg/h for fitted-cut tubes to be used in hydroforming;


The choice of the furnace depends on the needed hourly production and on the weight-volume ratio of the parts to be treated.