Pit Line

Up to D=1000mm

Static pit furnaces with electric heating and fan-assisted lid for stress relieving and/or annealing of blades or particular parts with programmed heating and cooling cycle in nitrogen controlled atmosphere with inner temperature control.


Nowadays the application fields of our equipment are developed into several plant design sectors, but Scame forni industriali S.p.A. peculiarity is the ability to adapt the quenching, carburizing, carbonitriding and annealing technology to the necessary application.


Vertical pit furnaces or horizontal movable muffle furnaces are used in several sectors, from the quenching of long shafts up to the annealing of anchors kernels in 0 Armco iron or up to the stress relieving of blades for metal cutting.


In this broad use, we are present worldwide with over 200 equipment supplied to several sectors giving each of them innovative customization with vacuum and nitrogen or vacuum and formengas controlled atmospheres.


These furnaces had a remarkable development and proved to be eclectic in the annealing of silver plates or golden threads, laser-cut blades or in the traditional heat treatments.


Heating can be electric or combustion and the inner muffle is made in highly heat resistant materials; these furnaces can be up to 600°C and up to 950°C.


Our company is structured with state-of-the-art IT systems, with bar code automatic warehouse, R&D department and good traceability especially regarding the spare parts.


The sales department is divided into Italy and Export with a wide network of signalers and representatives around the world; we are present in the internet with our official website and in many websites around the world in the Country's own language.


We manufacture various model as follows:


  • pit furnaces with usable diameter 1.200 x 3.000mm with atmospheres for heat treatment or for annealing and load up to 3.000kg;

  • horizontal movable muffles furnaces with dimensions up to diameter 1.600 x 3.000mm with vacuum and nitrogen or formengas controlled atmospheres and load up to 2.000kg;